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March 2017


Don Croft and his twin brother Ron Croft witnessed an assault while shopping for food and Christmas gifts at their local Mall some time ago.

A man was extremely upset and was yelling things to customers that were there and blocking people’s way.  He was raising his fist and wanted to fight as he turned towards the Twins who held their ground.  The staff quickly escorted him out of the store as the Twins called Police about the troubled man.  He got onto a bus, the twins followed the man in their car and stayed in contact with Police.  He got off the bus a couple of blocks away and then continued to come after the twins.  He kicked the car door with his work boots and threw an open beer at the car, breaking the side mirror.  He went running down a side street and hid in a hedge.

“When the Police arrived they drew their guns and were looking for the man that matched the description.  I knew this was serious!  I told them he’s on your right hiding in the bushes.”  Said Don.

They got the man at gunpoint, arrested him and took him away.  He was charged with assault and mischief.