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Video Production



Our videos are made with passion, experience and style.  We take projects from start to finish with our various cameras, compact lights and editing software.  We're now shooting in High Definition.  We also do audio production and photography.  Make sure to watch the videos below.

Audio Production


Recording musicians, singers/songwriters and speeches.


"Basketball For Twins" is a fast paced, action packed game of 21.  It's entertaining, educational and funny with special FX and more!  Watch to find out who wins!

"Skywatchers" will take you on a ride even into outer space!  As the story unfolds see the Identical twins perform in various locations and cross the cosmos in this new music video.

Check out this Sting cover song.  It's a video we made for Rick Pauw and Friends.  We also recorded the music and singing live.

The Latest TWIN News


 January 14, 2019 - Don and his brother Ron  stepped outside of a fast food restaurant and were shocked to see an older woman lying on the ground.  A car had backed up when two ladies happened to be walking right behind it.  They were knocked to the ground and one of them got up but the other lady was having trouble.  Don held her and said it would be okay and was asking if anyone had yet called for an ambulance.  Ron ran back inside to let the staff know and to see if they had a pillow or blanket for the lady to lie her head on and then he grabbed her a fresh coffee.  Everyone stayed with her until emergency vehicles arrived.

Don and Ron help injured woman until emergency vehicles arrive.

Don and Ron help injured woman until emergency vehicles arrive.


March 10, 2019 - Don and his brother Ron recently received letters for jury duty.  Now one of the twins has been selected to attend jury selection right away.  The first time Don was called for jury duty it was an inquest.  Don and the jury made many recommendations to help save lives!

One of the twins also attended jury selection for the Eaton Centre shooting.

Don and Ron get jury duty letters again!

Don and Ron get jury duty letters again!

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